In 2017, the most recent year for which accurate data is available, Pennsylvania experienced

over 2,548 opioid overdose deaths. For many opioid overdoses, recognition and the

administration of naloxone can mean the difference between life and death.


End Overdose Together is a student-led grassroots movement to train and mobilize over 100

students to lead over 1,000 such trainings to reach 10,000 people in the Lehigh Valley about

opioid overdose recognition and prevention.



End Overdose Together is committed to ensuring that all people in the Lehigh Valley are

aware, able, and ready to deliver naloxone when faced with an opioid overdose.



End Overdose Together trains student educators to provide trainings in opioid overdose

recognition and prevention. Our educators are assigned to community centers, libraries,

schools, and businesses to connect with individuals who are interested in being trained in

opioid overdose recognition and prevention. At the end of each training, we will provide

participants with a FREE kit that contains Narcan and materials to safely administer it.



End Overdose Together is currently recruiting student leaders, faculty members, and

university administrators to help spearhead our efforts in and around campuses.

We have trained our student educators in early February. We are currently mobilizing

them to lead opioid overdose recognition and prevention training in local communities.


Get your kit of Narcan by scheduling a FREE virtual training today!



End Overdose Together is supported by and has partnered with Muhlenberg College,

Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (PA DDAP), and

Lehigh County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Services.



End Overdose Together is based on the continuing work of a similar effort in New Jersey

called the Opioid Overdose Prevention Network, which distributes naloxone kits and leads

on-site community trainings around opioid overdose recognition and prevention.