Past Events

Our Impact


2022: We successfully trained 2,000+ individuals and provided 2,000+ Narcan doses to individuals and organizations.

2021: We successfully trained 750+ individuals and provided 800+ Narcan doses to individuals and organizations.

2020: We successfully trained 250+ individuals and provided 200+ Narcan doses to individuals and organizations.



Working to Implement Monthly Narcan Education

December 2022: We are working with Pennsylvania nonprofits specializing in addiction recovery and medical school student clinics to 1) lead Narcan education interactive discussions and 2) distribute Narcan to the community.  


Signed in Support to urge Congress to pass the #MATAct 

November 2022: We are joining nearly 200 organizations to urge Congress to pass the #MATAct with the end-of-year omnibus to prevent overdoses, increase access to treatment, and reduce stigma. Full letter text can be found here.


Organizing Narcan Trainings for Medical Schools

2022: Currently leading Narcan trainings to medical students. 



Presented at "Hope, Healing and Recovery Across the Family System" Summit

August 2021: We spoke as part of a moderated panel discussion as well as presented a Narcan training and administration demostration at the summit. 


Signed in Support to Expand Access to Buprenorphine

June 2021: We, alongside End Substance Use Disorder and other national, state, and local organizations, signed in support of a letter to DEA Adminstrator Anne Milgram calling for the complete removal of the buprenorphine X-Waiver.


Launched Virtual Trainings for Secondary Education

April 2021: We launched a virtual Overdose Recognition and Narcan Training specially designed for middle and high school students. Piloted trainings to over 100+ students in the first week alone. 


Partnered with Prevention Point Pittsburgh and NEXT Distro

March 2021: We partnered with two harm reduction nonprofits - Prevention Point Pittsburgh (local nonprofit) and NEXT Distro (national nonprofit) - to establish a Narcan supply chain across all 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania



Launched Virtual Trainings

August 2020: We launched two types of online training: virtual training with live q&a and on-demand (instant) virtual training


Transitioned Training Model

June - July 2020: We transitioned our training model from in-person to online in response to COVID-19. 


Community Organization On-site Training

February - May 2020: We developed partnerships with local Lehigh Valley community organizations and scheduled on-site trainings on opioid overdose recognition and prevention.


Train-the-Trainee Workshop

February 3, 2020: We trained and certified over 50 students as community health educators. They will be assigned to community centers, libraries, schools, and businesses to connect with individuals who are interested in being trained in opioid overdose recognition and prevention.


Partnered with PA DDAP

January 16, 2020: We are excited to have signed a partnership with Governor Tom Wolf, Secretary Jennifer Smith, and the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs.


Campus Community Opioid Initiative Kickoff

January 16, 2020: We held a public event at Muhlenberg College to kick off our grant and efforts to lead trainings on opioid overdose recognition and prevention in the Lehigh Valley.



PA State Opioid Response Meeting

November 20, 2019: We attended a meeting with the PA DDAP to discuss the State perspective on the opioid crisis and its efforts to combat it.


Awarded PA DDAP Grant

October 29, 2019: We are honored to have been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (PA DDAP) to distribute Narcan and lead trainings on opioid overdose recognition and prevention.


Presentation and Training

September 13, 2019: We held our first Opioid Overdose Recognition and Prevention On-Site Training at Muhlenberg College with Emergency Medical Services (MCEMS) and Peer Health Advocates at Muhlenberg (PHAM).